Nanlite Parabolic Softbox 90cm (Easy-up)

by Nanlite
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The parabola makes the light decrease slightly from center to edge and change more symmetrical. It provides excellent diffusing light, a spot of highlight is more delicate and natural. Perfect for portrait and commercial portrait photography etc.

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Bowens speed ring

2 outer cloths

Carrying bag

The Nanlite Parabolic Softbox 90cm (Easy-up) is ideal for portrait photography, interviews, and fashion photography. The structure of the Nanlite Parabolic Softbox is reinforced by 16 durable support balls. The silver interior maximizes the light source. It gives a focused and soft output with a sharp edge that adds dimension and detail to your subject. This makes the light in the eyes look natural. You can set up this Easy up variant quickly and easily.

The parabolic shape of the Nanlite parabolic softbox ensures that the light field at the edge has a large fallout. This provides better directional control, less light waste, and an easy way to 'feath' the light


  • Parabolic softbox
  • Easy up variant
  • Silver-colored interior
  • Equipped with 16 balines
  • Removable front diffuser
  • Includes Bowens speed ring, 2 outer cloths, and a carrying bag
Kind of studio accessory Softbox
Softbox Shape round
Grid possible Yes
Flash Mount Bowens
Color interior Silver
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