Flycam Vista-II Arm & Vest with Redking Video camera Steadicam

by Flycam
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HIGH DEFINITION CAMERA STABILIZER allows Efficient Stabilization. BODY-MOUNTED VEST & ARM with 16mm arm connector for handheld stabilizers and Camera Gimbals.

€1,340.50 €1,072.40

Package includes

  • Flycam Vista II Camera Stabilizer Arm
  • Flycam Vista II Camera Stabilizer Vest 
  • Redking Camera Handheld Video Stabilizer 
  • Bag Packing

Flycam has launched its unparalleled & precision constructed Vista-II Arm & Vest with Redking Video camera Steadicam for the professional video makers. The high strength stabilization system includes a Redking handheld stabilizer, shock absorbing arm and breathable vest. This robust stabilization system is designed to deliver smooth & professional shots with immense comfort. It is designed for heavy duty set ups while keeping customer's ease of control in mind. It is thoughtfully designed system that lets you adapt various shooting styles and give wings to your creative options.

 Material: CNC Machined Aluminum constructed. 
 Engineered to support heavy cameras weighing upto 7 kg/15.4 lbs
 Minimum Load Capacity : 600gm / 1.32lb 
 X,Y Head Dimensions: 4.25" x 3.25" x 1.5" (with knobs 5.5" x 5.5" x 1.5") 
 Base Platform Dimensions: Shortest  11.5” x 4”, Longest  15” x 4” 
 Central Support Post: 1" diameter 
 Weight: 1.700 kg (3.74lb) without Counter Weight Plates. 
 Each Custom Counter Weight Plate averages .110 g (2.42 lb). 
 16 Counter Weight Plates = 3.264 pounds (1.48 kg.)
 Camera Mounting Plate has 1/4" 20 mounting screw.
 Base Platform has 1/4" mounting hole for optional LCD Monitor attachment. 
 Telescopic Post extends from 53cm to a full rise height of 81cm 

 CNC Machined Aluminum Constructed Arm
 Arm's Weight  4 Kg/8.8lb
 Design  Dual Section Arm
 Blue Spring Payload  2-6kg/4.4-13.2lb
 Red Spring Payload  6-15kg/13.2-33lb
 Weight Carrying capacity  15kg/33lb

 Aluminium and fabric synthetic
 Add the Material of vest
 Vest’s Weight  2.87 Kg/6.3lb
 Waist Size  28” to 60”