Sennheiser E 600 SERIES DRUM CASE

by Sennheiser
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e602-II Kick Drum Mic, e604 Dynamic Microphones x4. e614 Condenser Microphones x2, Custom Aluminum Foam-Lined Case

€1,048.75 €839.00

Package includes

  • (1) e602-II cardioid dynamic for kick drum
  • (4) e604 cardioid dynamic for toms/snare
  • (2) e614 super-cardioid condenser for overheads/hat
  • (1) Custom slim-line aluminum case with die-cut foam to protect your mics

The Sennheiser Drum Kit 600 Drum Microphone Package is a reliable and cost-effective drum microphone package for recording and live sound reinforcement alike. The package includes a Sennheiser e602 dynamic kick drum microphone, four e604 cardioid tom/snare microphones, and a pair of e614 supercardioid overhead microphones. The microphones and their associated hardware are all shipped in a slim-line aluminum case with die-cut foam.