Bresser BR-6 tiltable Support Clamp for collapsible Reflectors and Backgrounds

by Bresser
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Attach your collapsible reflectors and backgrounds to lightstands
Metal clamp (about 8 cm wide) with tilt head
Variable tripod connection, opening for studio umbrellas
Height tilt head: about 9 cm / total weight: 220 g

100,00 kn 80,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • support clamp
  • spigot adapter (1/4" female, 3/8" female)

When there is no assistant around to hold the collapsible reflector for you during a photo shoot the BRESSER BR-6 clamp support offers the optimal solution. 

The metal clamp with a strong spring safely holds even larger reflectors. Thereby, the rubber lips protect the reflectors against any damages. This clamp is attached onto a tilt head, so you can position the reflector flexibly for an ideal illumination.

The support clamp is equipped with a removable adapter with two different threads so it can be put onto any lightstand.

Colour black
Material Metal
Total height 90 mm
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 220 g
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