Flycam Flowline Camera Support 400N

by Flycam
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Camera Stabilizer with Vest for Video Camera & Camcorder

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Package includes

  •  FLYCAM Flowline 400N Steady Camera Support 

Flycam introduces - a Professional Ergonomic Stabilizing Camera Support which ensures comfort & lets you shoot 24x7. Professional video stabilizer system is designed to reduce the static load on the neck and shoulder muscles and distributes it to your torso. Its Body Vest is made with soft padded breathable fabric which provides immense comfort. The vest comes with height adjustable feature which enables operator to adjust the height according to his requirement. Another great feature of the vest is that it has flexible belt system & vest adjustable rods on sides that let vest to easily fit to operator’s different sizes. The body mounted support system comes with a powerful suspension rope which is attached to your camera with rubber-grip hook. The rope enables you to take the ground level shots. It also delivers the hands free operation giving absolute rest to the hands while retaining stability and control. Flowline is properly packed in a protective bag pack to ensure safety of the product & for travel convenience.  So, make the 400N Flowline, a camcorder stabilizer as your best partner for capturing all broadcasts, sporting events, documentaries, and numerous other professional applications. 

Product weight without packing: Complete 4kg (9lb)

Height: Mounted: 100 cm (39'') Folded: 60 cm (23.6'')

Capacity: 8 - 10 kg (17.6 - 22 lb)

Suspension line length: 107 cm (42'') when fully stretched.

Top Bar Length: 560mm

Min. waist hip strap length: 87 cm (34'')

Max. waist hip strap length: 142 cm (56'')