Atomos Fast Battery Charger & Power Supply

by Atomos
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 2A Fast Battery Chargerfrom Atomos.

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Package includes

  • Atomos 2A Fast Battery Charger
  • Power Supply

Charge any L-Series battery relatively fast with this 2A Fast Battery Chargerfrom Atomos. A 5200 mAh battery will charge in approximately 3 hours. Charge progress is displayed via a 4-bar LED meter. This is a worldwide-compatible charger, featuring a 110-240V power input. It comes with a power supply with a 2-prong AC plug.

Compatibility Supports any Sony or 3rd-party L-Series battery
Input 110-240 V
Output 2 A
Charge Time Charge a 5200 mAh battery in approx. 3 hours
Plug Type Power supply with 2-prong plug included