AVITEH Audio Video Tehnologije d.o.o. represents 30 world-famous brands in the area of professional photo, audio and video equipment. We represent the manufacturers of the equipment we sell at the top level, providing consultancy services, fast delivery, technical support and servicing of the equipment.

We have been expanding distribution channels and further sale. All our potential business partners who are interested in cooperation and sale of our equipment are welcome. We will be glad to consider all the potential forms of cooperation.

We cover a wide area of equipment. Let us highlight the main areas, which are the following:

  • Professional video and photographic cameras
  • Cameras and other TV, filmmaking and video production equipment
  • Drones and aereal photography equipment
  • Signal processing and distribution equipment
  • Streaming and point-to-point signal transfer
  • Studio and field audio production equipment
  • Studio and field lighting and accompanying equipment

Below is the list of the portfolio of the brands we represent and distribute: