Aviteh online shopping terms and conditions

General terms

These online shopping General terms by AVITEH Audio Video Tehnologije d.o.o. (hereinafter: «Seller») define the terms, rights and obligations by the Seller and the Buyer during the purchase of goods in the process or ordering, payment, delivery, return and complaint for the goods purchased at the website of the Seller.

The Seller is AVITEH Audio Video Tehnologije d.o.o, Baštijanova 41, 10000 Zagreb, Company Registration Number: 74228338976

The Buyer is any legal or physical entity which, perusing the Seller's website, places at least one product into the basket, performs the payment using the credit card, transfer order, internet banking or upon the cash on delivery payment and notifies the Seller of the same.

The Seller's website is www.aviteh.hr

The Seller's website lists the retail prices as well as, for legal entities, the wholesale prices.

The payment currency is EURO. In order to facilitate international shopping, the website contains an informative currency calculator.


The products are ordered by adding an item to the "basket" on the website of the Seller.

After adding the selected item to the basket, the Buyer may continue to search and add new items to the basket or complete his shopping by paying the chosen items.

Before the payment, the Buyer is required to submit his personal and contact information as well as delivery information. The Seller requires only the basic information necessary to complete a full purchase.

The method of delivery and the delivery period are described in detail on the page Delivery.

The Buyer has an option to pay using credit cards, transfer order, internet banking or by cash on delivery. More details on the options and terms of payment can be found on the page Payment.

Credit card payments are performed via the HT Pay Way system which guarantees security for all completed transactions.

Transfer order payments are made via bank, postal office, FINA (Financial agency) or any other financial institution.

Cash on delivery is the method of payment where the payment is made in cash directly to the courier during package handover.

Before the completion of the order the Buyer is required to confirm these Terms and Conditions of Online Shopping and the General terms.

The Seller shall, upon receiving the order, approve the order and notify the Buyer by sending the order confirmation.

The delivery period is stated in the detail listing for each item. Delivery periods are subject to change. In case of such a change the Seller shall notify the Buyer. In case the Seller is unable to deliver all the ordered items the Seller shall notify the Buyer via e-mail or by telephone. After consulting with the Buyer, the item which cannot be delivered shall either be swapped with another or cancelled. All the remaining ordered items shall be delivered to the Buyer as ordered.

Claims and complaints

The Buyer may complain or send an inquiry to the postal address of the Seller or via e-mail. Seller's contact information is available on the Seller's website.

The right to unilaterally cancel the Agreement concluded outside of the business premises or concluded remotely

The Buyer may cancel the agreement unilaterally within 14 days without stating the cause. In order for the Buyer to acquire the right to unilaterally cancel the Agreement, the Buyer must first notify the Seller of his decision to cancel the Agreement unilaterally before the deadline and via an unambiguous statement sent by post, telefax or e-mail stating his first and last name, address, telephone number, telefax number or e-mail address via the unilateral agreement cancelation form. The unilateral cancelation deadline is 14 days from the day:

  • (a) when the Buyer or a third party designated by the Buyer and who is not a courier, receives the goods at issue into their possession - in case of a Sales contract;
  • (b) when the Buyer or a third party designated by the Buyer and who is not a courier, receives the last item or the last shipment - in case of a contract for more pieces of goods that require separate shipment or if the goods must be delivered in several pieces or shipments;
  • (c) when the Buyer or a third party designated by the Buyer and who is not a courier, receives the first piece or the first shipment - in case a regular delivery of goods has been agreed upon for a specific time period.

The refund shall be payed out only after the goods have been returned.

The goods must be returned to the Seller by the Buyer personally or via a courier service without needless delay, at the latest up to 14 days from the day the Buyer sent the decision on the unilateral agreement cancelation. The direct return shipment costs are to be wholly borne by the Buyer. The Buyer is responsible for any goods devaluation incurred by handling the goods, apart from the handling required to establish the nature, characteristics and the functionality of the goods.

The Buyer forfeits the rights to a unilateral agreement cancelation presented in this section in case:

  1. the Sales Agreement was wholly fullfilled by the Seller and the duration of the Agreement started with prior explicit consent of the Buyer and with the Buyers affirmation that he has been made aware of the fact that the fullfillment of the Agreement forfeits the rights to unilateral cancellation
  2. that the subject of the Agreement are goods or services whose price is subject to variation in the financial markets outside the scope of influence of the Seller and which can arise within the duration of the Buyers right to a unilateral Agreement cancelation
  3. the subject of the Agreement are goods built according to the specification of the Buyer or explicitly customized for the Buyer
  4. the subject of the Agreement are highly perishable goods or goods with short shelf life
  5. the subject of the Agreement are goods that are not appropriate for return due to health or hygienic reasons if they were unsealed after delivery
  6. the subject of the Agreement are goods which are, due to their nature, after delivery inseparably mixed with other things
  7. the Buyer requested a special visit by the Seller in order to perform emergency repairs or maintenance, and if during such a visit, along with the services explicitly requested by the Buyer, the Seller offered additional services or delivered other goods other than the goods necessary for emergency repairs or maintenance. The Buyer retains the right to a unilateral Agreement cancelation relating to the additional goods and services
  8. the subject of the Agreement is delivery of sealed audio or video recordings or computer software which has been unpacked after delivery
  9. the subject of the Agreement is delivery of newspapers, periodicals or magazines with the exception of subscription contract for such publications
  10. of an Agreement concluded in a public auction
  11. the subject of the Agreement is delivery of digital contents not delivered on a physical medium, if the fullfillment of the Agreement started with the Buyers explicit prior consent and an affirmation that he has been made aware of the fact that he shall forfeit the rights to a unilateral cancellation by doing so.

Return terms, devaluation

The Buyer is, pursuant to Article 77, Section 5 of the Consumer Protection Law responsible for any reduction in value of the purchased goods arising from regular handling of the appliance.

The Seller determines the return conditions and percentage deductions of the amount returned to the Buyer due to the product value reduction. The Seller shall not reject the return of goods which are not in their original packaging or without all the accessories as they were delivered in the original contract. In cases where the Seller locates damage and traces of usage not arising out of handling required to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods, the Seller shall not accept the return of goods or shall estimate the percentage of value reduction of the goods.

The Seller notifies the Buyer of the specific characteristics of the individual products such as: drones, cameras and other equipment for which, due to the technical characteristics, it is not possible to determine proper functionality without operating the product. For the stated reasons the Seller shall not be in position to refund the full sale amount (in full or in part) for the named products in cases where the reason for the return is stated as functionality check due to the fact that the functionality check itself reduces the value of the product by irrevocably changing the state of the product.

The Buyer is obliged to review the characteristics of the product as stated in the offer on the website of the Seller.

In the case of the Buyer receiving goods in damaged packaging during the handover, the Buyer should reject the handover from the delivery and request a refund. If the Buyer accepts the goods in the damaged packaging it shall be assumed that the Buyer received the product with packaging without any damage.

During the unpackaging process the Buyer is required to remove the packaging with care with as little damage as possible in order to reduce the product devaluation due to damaged packaging.

In case the product is visibly damaged, the Buyer is required to notify the Seller as soon as possible and to return the product without and further use due to the fact that any further use devalues the product.

If the product is without any visible damage, the Buyer should inspect the product, its nature, characteristics and functionality. If the Buyer detects any deficiencies he is required to notify the Buyer as soon as possible and to return the product without any further use as any further use reduces the value of the product.

General warranty terms

The Seller obliges to deliver the goods together with full documentation and belonging packaging as received from the manufacturer or a distributor.

During warranty claim the Buyer must provide, along with the malfunctioning appliance, all the accessories received with the appliance during the purchase (cables, supporters, tools and similar) as well as the copy of the invoice confirming the purchase. Along with the stated, the Buyer must submit a detailed description of the malfunction in order to facilitate the checkup of the appliance itself.

The Seller shall provide a form to be filled in during the appliance handover with the description of the malfunction, serial number as well as the model type and number and the manufacturer.

Product and part replacement prior to the malfunction review is not possible. Warranty claims sent in via postal delivery must be properly packaged in cardboard packaging. Any goods not properly packaged or goods visibly mechanically damaged during transport shall not be accepted by the Seller but shall be returned to the sender at the sender's expense.

The Warranty does not cover defects, damage and malfunction arising out of incompetent and inadequate handling. Incompetent handling includes cases of connecting the appliance to an incompatible power source such as power sources not explicitly stated in the appliance Manual as well as operating the appliance in conditions or spaces other than those recommended for the device. The Warranty shall be void in cases of unauthorized repair as well as repair by an unauthorized third party. If the goods are covered by a warranty by an authorized service, the Buyer is best advised to claim warranty at the authorized service. This way the warranty claim shall be resolved in a faster and more efficient way as opposed to having the Seller forward the goods to the authorized service.

Pursuant to the Mandatory Obligation Act, the Seller excludes liability for material misstatement and limits the right to terminate the contract due to a material defect he could not know at the point of sale of the product. Material defect is verified by Sellers own service or authorized service provider for the item in question. The buyer has the right to terminate the contract if the seller is unable to rectify the disadvantage. The Seller agrees that the service will be solved within the reasonable time by the product in such a way that the product will be repaired or replaced by a product of equal or better characteristics that are relevant and relevant to this type of product. Duration of service depends on nature and mode of repair, most of the service requirements will be processed within 30 days of delivering goods to service. An exceptionally long repair period may have unmanned aerial vehicles and equipment requiring detailed analysis prior to the guarantee being acknowledged (example: for unmanned aerial vehicles flight log browsing is required and identifying of all circumstances of possible fall or damage caused by the Buyer).

Warranty is void in case of failure or damage caused by:

  • - transport after the delivery
  • - improper installation and/or incompetent handling
  • - inadequate working environment
  • - defective electrical installations, overvoltage or electric shock, force majeure (earthquake, flood, lightning strike)
  • - regular appliance usage (visible strike damage, fall damage, etc.)
  • - removed appliance stickers (serial number, installation instructions, usage instructions etc.)
  • - appliance modifications by unauthorized personnel



By the European Commission Regulation no. 524/2013 on Online Dispute Resolution in effect since January 9, 2016, Platform for Online Consumer Dispute Resolution (ODR Platform) was launched.

The Electronic Link to the ODR Platform - http://ec.europa.eu/odr

In case of unresolved disputes the consumers may resolve consumer disputes via the ACDR (Croatian - ARPS) in accordance with the Law on Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution (NN 121/16 - Official Gazette NN 121/16). In case of submission of Proposal for conciliation the Seller shall participate in the proceedings before the ACDR body: Center for Dispute Resolution at the Croatian Employers' Association, Radnička cesta 52/I, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska, or at http://www.hup.hr/.

Prior notice confirmation

By accepting these general sales and guarantee conditions you confirm that you have received prior notice.

Privacy statement

The Seller is committed to the protection of personal user data. The Seller collects only such buyer/user data which is required to effectuate the sales process. All personal user data is carefully protected and available only to such employees of the Seller who explicitly require the data to perform their duties.

Collecting and using data

In the process of providing the requested services as well as for providing notifications and information related to the Seller's services the Seller uses exclusively information and data provided voluntarily by the Buyer. The Seller agrees no to sell, divulge or submit Buyer's personal information to any Third Party in a manner other than the manner described in this statement.


In order to make a reservation or file an inquiry on our website, the user must first fill in the registration form and complete the registration. During the registration the user is required to provide contact information (such as name and e-mail address). The required information is used to contact the user and respond to the queries sent via our website. The data also ensures privacy during reservation status control and during filling or modifying the data.


The buyer divulges reservation bearer's personal data (name, address, telephone number etc.) to the Seller during the reservation of the goods and services. The data shall be used exclusively to provide the service. Payment data (such as credit card numbers) is subject to extra protection and is made available exclusively to banks and credit card institutions in order to authorize the payment.

Log files

The Seller utilizes IP addresses to analyze trends and user behaviour, perform website maintenance and collect demographic data. IP addresses are not connected to personal data, thus, preventing identification of the Buyer.

Access to information

Collected data shall be made available to media partners, professionals and Seller's advertisers. Demographic data is not linked to the personal data, thus, preventing identification of the Buyer. In order to provide certain services the Buyer partners with third parties. Third Party shall be allowed to access names or other contact data only in case the user requests certain services. Third Party is prohibited from using personal data except in order to provide the stated services.


Seller's website contains links to other websites. The Seller cannot be held responsible for privacy protection on websites other than the Seller's. This Privacy statement is pertinent exclusively to the information collected on the Seller's website - www.aviteh.hr.


If a user registers for the newsletter his/hers contact information shall be required. Periodically, you may receive product and services information as well as special offers and the newsletter. We respect user privacy and therefore we provide an option to refuse divulging information for the stated purposes.


The Seller is undertaking all the necessary precautions in order to protect the Buyer's data on its website. Vulnerable data is protected both online and offline. If any data collection forms require sensitive data input, the data shall be encrypted and protected using the Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL). Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox use the padlock icon to indicate that the website is protected. If the padlock is locked, the website is protected. All access to the Buyer's data is restricted. Access to the Buyer's sensitive data is allowed only for personnel explicitly requiring it for their work. The Buyer may at any moment contact the Seller for any additional inquiries via the website www.aviteh.hr.

Correcting/Updating Personal Information

In case of any change of the Buyer's information or in case the Buyer no longer wants our services, the Seller provides a way to correct, update or completely delete the Buyer's data in the Seller's possession.

Notification of Changes

In case of a decision by the Seller to alter the Privacy rules, the notice of such a decision shall be published on the website's Home Page. The Buyer shall be notified of any data collection by the Seller at all times, as well as with the ways in which the Seller uses the collected data and under which circumstances such collected data might be revealed. If, at any moment, the Seller decides to use the collected Buyer's data in a way other than the way stated on the website during the time the data was collected, the Buyer shall be notified of such an intent via e-mail. The Buyer shall have the authority to permit or deny the usage of data in this new manner.

Security Statement

HT Pay Way system is in charge of data secrecy and security during credit card authorization on the Seller's website. On the HT Pay Way system's website, data security is achieved using a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security protocol data encryption. Exchange of vulnerable data (such as credit card numbers) is achieved by using a private network without internet access which is completely protected from unauthorized access in compliance with ISO 8583 protocol. HT Pay Way system completely prevents data access to unauthorized parties.