TVLogic BB-F7H-B Battery Bracket for F-7H / F-7H mk2 (Panasonic AF-100)

by TVLogic
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  • Battery Bracket for F-7H Monitor
  • Uses Panasonic AF-100 Batteries
  • Plugs into 4-Pin XLR Mini Power Port
  • 6.8 to 12 VDC, 3A Power
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Package includes

  • TVLogic Battery Bracket for F-7H Monitor (Panasonic AF-100)

Power your F-7H monitor with two Panasonic AF-100 batteries by connecting this Battery Bracket from TVLogic. The Panasonic AF-100 bracket attaches to the back of the F-7H monitor and plugs into the monitor's 4-pin XLR mini power port. It provides 12 VDC, 3A power.

TVLogic F-7H monitor and Panasonic AF-100 batteries

TVLogic BB-F7H Specs
4-Pin XLR Mini
Battery Mount 2 x Panasonic AF-100 Batteries
Power 6.8 to 12 VDC
3 to 6 A