Polar Pro Inspire 1 ND32/PL Filter

by Polar Pro
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Fits the DJI OSMO & Inspire 1 (X3 and Z3) camera,Ultralight (7 grams) design for smooth gimbal operation, ND32/PL is a 5-stop polarizer filter, Precision threaded aircraft aluminum frame

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  • 1x Polar Pro Inspire 1 ND32/PL Filter

The PolarPro ND32/PL for the DJI Inspire 1 is the perfect tool for dropping the shutter speed down to 1/60th on extremely bright days. The ND32/Pl reduces the camera’s shutter speed by 5 stops enabling users to achieve a 1/60th shutter speed on extremely bright days. This combination filter is also a polarizer that reduces glare and increases color saturation. This filter allows complete shutter speed control over the Inspire 1 camera enabling pilots to achieve a much slower shutter speed. 

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