NiSi Cleaning Kits (Lens pen+Air blower)

by Nisi
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Handheld Bulb Air Blower
Removes Dust from Sensitive Surfaces
Suitable for Camera Sensors, Optics
Effective for Hard-to-Reach Areas
7.5" Total Length, 2.0" Long Nozzle
Double-Ended Cleaning Pen
Soft Brush and Carbon Cleaning Pad
Suitable for Optics, LCD Screens
Retractable Brush Removes Dust
Cleaning Pad Removes Oil and Moisture

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Package includes

  • NiSi Air Blower and Lens Pen Kit
  • Air Blower
  • NiSi Lens Pen

This NiSi Air Blower and Lens Pen Kit includes a rubber, handheld bulb air blower and a double-ended cleaning pen. Together, these tools provide the ability to clean dust, oil, and moisture from sensitive camera and optical equipment that is effective as well as chemical-free.

When the NiSi Air Blower is squeezed, air is drawn into its one-way valve on its bottom and forced out of its top nozzle. This pressurized, chemical-free air is suitable for removing dust from sensitive surfaces such as coated optics or camera sensors. The NiSi Air Blower measures 7.5" long and its 2.0" plastic nozzle helps make it effective for areas that are difficult to reach with cleaning tools such as a brush or swab.

The NiSi Lens Pen incorporates a soft, retractable brush along its top and a soft, felt, carbon-compound cleaning pad at its bottom. While the brush is effective for clearing dust off coated optics or LCD screens, the carbon-compound cleaning pad can be applied to remove oil or moisture from those surfaces. This lens pen also features a built-in pocket clip and a removable cap for protection of the carbon-compound cleaning pad during storage or transport.