NiSi Athena Lens Mount Adapter (PL-DX)

by Nisi
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Use PL Mount Lens on DL Mount Camera
Prevents Reflection, Waterproof Seal

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Package includes

  • NiSi ATHENA PL-DJI DX Adapter for PL Mount Lenses to DJI DL Mount Cameras
  • Port Cap

This ATHENA PL-DJI DX Adapter for PL Mount Lenses to DJI DL Mount Cameras from NiSi allows you to mount PL mount lenses onto your DJI DL mount camera, such as the Ronin 4D. The adapter maintains infinity focus for a sharp image, provides a secure fit without the need for shims, and features a waterproof seal to prevent dust and moisture from entering your camera.

The adapter is designed with durable stainless steel with a spray-coated finish, yet it remains lightweight at only 6 oz. Its textured design prevents reflections and ensures clarity and image quality.

Elevate Your Photography

Transform your shots with seamless compatibility between PL-mount lenses and Sony E-mount cameras.

Durable Yet Lightweight

Crafted with stainless steel, this adapter ensures long-lasting performance in any shooting condition, and it only weighs 6.6 oz.

Secure and Weatherproof

This adapter features a waterproof seal on the camera side, guarding your gear against the elements. The spray-coated exterior not only looks stylish but also offers a secure grip for confident handling.

Great Fit, No Shims

The NiSi ATHENA PL-E Adapter ensures a seamless, stable connection without wobbles or gaps.

Infinite Focus

The NiSi ATHENA adapter allows infinite focusing and it is compatible with NiSi ATHENA lenses.

Camera Mount DJI DL Mount
Lens Mount ARRI PL Mount
Electronic Communication No
Display No
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 6.0 oz / 170 g