NiSi Athena Lens Drop In Filter FS ND1.2

by Nisi
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Full-Spectrum Neutrality
Retains Original Color Fidelity

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Package includes

  • NiSi Full Spectrum FS ND Drop-In Filter for ATHENA Lenses (4-Stop)
  • Carry Case

The 4-stop NiSi Full Spectrum FS ND Drop-In Filter is a dedicated filter for the NiSi ATHENA full-frame prime lenses, which have a drop-in filter slot. It delivers full-spectrum neutrality for accurate, true-to-life results. Every shot retains its original color fidelity and clarity, free from the common distortions or color shifts. The filter features nano-coated optical glass and an aluminum frame, and it comes with a carry case.

NiSi Athena Drop-In ND Filter Specs  
Filter Type Solid ND
Density 1.2 (4-Stop)
Coatings Multi-Coating, Resistance Coating
Filter Material Glass
Ring Material Brass