NiSi Athena Lens Drop In Filter Black Mist 1/8

by Nisi
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Diffuses Highlights, Softens Shadows
Softens Wrinkles and Imperfections

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Package includes

  • NiSi Black Mist Drop-In Filter for ATHENA Lenses (1/8)

The 1/8 NiSi Black Mist Drop-In Filter is a dedicated filter for the NiSi ATHENA full frame prime lenses, which have a drop-in filter slot. It diffuses highlights and softens shadows, delivering a delicate tonal balance. You can use this filter to soften wrinkles, blemishes, and imperfections, and to create a pastel-like quality of light. The filter features a robust metal frame with optical glass.

NiSi Athena Drop-In Black Mist Filter Specs  
Filter Type Black Mist (Grade 1/8)
Filter Factor Not Specified by Manufacturer
Rotating No
Filter Material Glass
Ring Material Brass