Metabones Mount-Rod Support Kit (Black Matt)

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Arca-Swiss Quick-Release, Compatible with 15mm Lightweight System, Height Adjustable from 1 to 1.9"

HRK1,100.00 HRK880.00

Take your lens's weight off of your camera's mount with the Metabones 15mm Rod Lens Adapter Support Kit. The Lens Adapter Support features a quick-release clamp that supports Metabones lens adapters with an Arca-Swiss foot. When the Lens Adapter Support is engaged, the entire weight of the lens is supported by the adapter and the 15mm rods, instead of the camera. The quick-release is height adjustable to ensure the correct lens height with different adapters.

Rod Support 15mm LWS (Lightweight Standard)
Quick Release Attachment Arca-Swiss
Height Adjustment Range 1 to 1.9" / 24.5 to 49.5 mm