Filmcity DSLR Gear Head

by Filmcity
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POLYAMIDE RESIN CONSTRUCTED GEAR HEAD supports cameras weighing up to 14kg/30lbs. PANNING MOVEMENT up to 360° and TILTING MOVEMENT up to 35°. WEIGHTED CRANKS with COUNTER BALANCING for control on crank movements. FRICTION KNOB for better control and locking knob for static pan position. HIGH STRENGTH METAL GEARS to withstand long hours of functions. COMPATIBLE with 100mm Tripod Stands.

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We understand that every professional camera needs a lot of accessories to capture exactly the desired shot. But sometimes with bigger set ups, it becomes difficult for operator to achieve even, controlled and precise pan and tilt movements on a traditional fluid head. Filmcity’s DSLR Geared head makes it possible for you to mount a heavy camera setup without compromising on the precision and control on your pan and tilts.”

   Made of polyamide resin
   Construction of Gear   metal
   6" Rotating cranks
   Weighing capacity up to 14kg/30lb 
   Tilting crank rotation up to 35 degrees (both side) 
   Panning crank rotational upto 360 degree
   Bottom Thread 3/8"-16 
   Camera Mounting 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16 
   Tripod mounting – 100 mm bowl