Dynacore D-C Mount(Without HDMI) Multi Outputadapter for Canon 5D

by Dynacore
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V-lock adapter with 5V / 7.2V / 12V / 15V (11V-17V) power supplies for powering cameras and equipment
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Package includes

  • Dynacore D-C Mount Adapter
Design for standard shoulder equipment.
Output Voltage: 5V/7.2V/12V/15V(11V-17V)
Built-in HDMI distributor, one standard signal input and two standard signal output.
Adopt V-mount for professional ENG Camera battery, Dynacore original ENG Camera battery DS-89S (95Wh) to DS-220S (220Wh) suggested.

Input voltage: DC 16.8V
Output voltage &Output current:
5V / Max 1A
7.2V/ Max 2A
12V / Max 2A
15V(Output11V-17V) / Max 5A

Applicable battery:  V Mount /AB Mount ENG Camera battery
Diameter:  15(mm)
Weight: 650g
Dimensions: 145×105×65(mm)