Bresser D-37 Crossbar Set for Background System 36

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4-piece crossbar for background systems
Variable lenght
Various mounting options
Lenght: 180 cm, 270 cm, 360 cm

325,00 kn 260,00 kn

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  • 1x 4- piece crossbar set Ø 28 mm

The BRESSER D-37 crossbar set consists of four parts that are easy to connect to each other. The crossbars can be flexibly varied in lenght from 180 cm, 270 cm or 360 cm

In combination with the adapter BRESSER BR-D90 PRO-1, the background system BRESSER BR-D37 is extended to two possible backgrounds on one system. With the optionalyy available adapter BRESSER BR-RS1 and the adapter BRESSER BR-RS2 th ecrossbar for backgrounds can also b eattached to existing tripods otr tubes.

The oval opening at the end of the tubes is 10 x 20 mm and is not suitable for attachment to tripods with a standard spigot connection, but only on pins or clamps.

in several parts
Material Aluminium
Width (cm) from 180
Width (cm) up to 360
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