Bresser BR-FT50 Foldable photo box digital + LED light 50x50x50cm

by Bresser
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Foldable photo box with LED light
Daylight colour temperature (5500 K), long lifetime
Fast and simple assembly/disassembly, easy to transport
Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 50 cm

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  • 3 x Paper Background White PVC, black and yellow

With this practical photo capture box your product photos will be good! The outside is black and the inner walls are provided with reflective silver, so the light is well spread throughout the box. In the box are 2 strips of LED lamps with 20 LEDS on the strip. These strips can be quickly hung in the desired position with the magnet coupling. On the front and the top is an opening allowing you to shoot.

The photo box can be folded up to a small package and is easy and fast. Practical complete box for shadow-free shooting of products. There are 3 backgrounds (white, black, cream) that can be easily slipped into the recesses. So you can get started right away.

The LED lights give a daylight color temperature (5500K) that is sufficient light to perfectly illuminate the objects. The lamps have a long life span. A diffusion cloth is also provided, which can be hung for the lamps, to reduce reflection with shiny objects.

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