Bresser BR-2120 Daylight Set 1600W

by Bresser
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

Complete set with daylight lamps and background system
Stable background system max. 280 cm x 150/ 225/ 300 cm
Daylight set with 5500 k incl. umbrellas Ø 83 cm
3 x background cloth in black, white, chromakey green 3 x 6 m

3.075,00 kn 2.460,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • 1 x Background system ( 2x tripod, crossbar made of 4 individual rods)
  • 3 x Background cloth 3 x 6 m (1x black, 1x white, 1x chromakey green)
  • 2 x Background clamp
  • 2 x Translucent umbrella Ø 83 cm/ 1x reflector umbrella Ø 83 cm
  • 3 x Lamp holder E27 thread
  • 3 x Spiral daylight lamp 5500 K and 150 W
  • 3 x Lamp tripod
  • 1 x Transport bag

Portable starter package including accessories with many expansion possibilties compactly stowed in the size of a sports bag.

The BRESSER BR-2120 Daylight Set 1600 W including a complete background system with 3 different background cloths is an easily expandable and comprehensive starter set that can be set up on location as well as in the studio in no time at all and is quickly stowed away again in the supplied bag.

With the BRESSER BR-2120 set, you have everything you need to start immediatley with portrait photos or product photos, or to set up a space-saving video studio.
The background system in the package consists of two powder-coated and air-suspended aluminium lamp tripods, which can be easily and compactly folded and flexibly adjusted in height from 88- 280 cm. The sturdy four-part crossbar, which can be assembled from 150 cm over 225 cm up to 300 cm, is attached to these tripods.

This background system is not only super versatile due to the three background cloths already included in the scope of delivery in 3 x 6 m in white, black and chromakey green, for simplified image release in the photo and video area, but other cloths or also paper backgrounds and photo motif backgrounds can optionally be used with the system.

The backgrounds are washable at 30°, can be ironed very easily and for a reduction of wrinkles it is recommended to use the additionally available BRESSER BR-65 cloth tensioners.

The three daylight lamp holders with E27 thread and practical tilting head that come with the BRESSER BR-2120 starter set are simply attached to the lamp tripods via 1/4" spigot adapter. The two translucent umbrellas for even illumination and the reflective umbrella for higher light output are simply pushed into the holder provided on the tilt head and the perfect photo studio or video studio is ready.

The scope of delivery includes three BRESSER JDD-6 with 150 W spiral light bulbs each, which provide a daylight atmosphere with 5500 K and light output of 750 W per lamp. They have a burning time of 8000 hours and are also very energy-saving. If you later need lamps with a different wattage, you will find spiral lamps of the JDD-6 series from 85 W to 150 W in our range.

All in one can be flexibly packed and transported in the comfortable carrying bag.

Field of application
  • Chroma keying
  • Photography
  • Portraiture
  • Product Photography
  • Videography
Illuminant Fluorescent lamp
Body material Aluminium
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