Tilta Armor man 3.0 Universal Gimbal Ring Adapter(Pair)

by Tilta
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana
  • Attach Ring-Based Gimbals to Armor Man
  • Quick Release Attachment to the Arms
  • For Use in Standard Operating Mode
  • Ring Adapter Clamps Also Required
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Tilta Armor Man 3.0 Universal Gimbal Ring Adapters (Left/Right Pair)

The Tilta Armor Man 3.0 Universal Gimbal Ring Adapters allow you to attach a ring-based gimbal to the Armor Man arms by quick release. They're for use in standard operating mode (as opposed to overhead mode). Two adapters are included. Also required for this workflow are the Armor Man 3.0 Universal Gimbal Ring Adapter Clamps, sold separately. The ring adapters are dovetail-based and easily and securely slide into the Armor Man arms. The ring adapter clamps attach to your gimbal ring. The adapters and adapter clamps then connect to one-another by quick release. To remove the gimbal, push the quick release buttons on the adapters, and the adapter clamps will come off.

Tilta ARM-T03-GRA Specs
Materials Aluminum, Stainless Steel
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