Metabones Nikon F to E-mount/NEX T (Black Matt) II

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Nikon F Lens to Sony E-Mount, Brass Construction with Chromium Plating, Flocked Interior to Limit Flare, Infinity Focus, Detachable Arca-Type Tripod Foot, Satin Surface Finish

HRK875.00 HRK700.00

Precision-crafted from brass and given chromium plating, this adapter is designed for daily use and will guarantee infinity focus. Also, this model has a flocked interior that will limit flaring and ghosting from reflections inside the adapter. A satin finish matches that of most cameras for a unified appearance and it has a detachable Arca-type compatible tripod foot for simple mounting to a variety of tripods.

While this adapter allows users to mount a Nikon F lens on their Sony E-mount camera, automatic functions such as autofocus and electronic aperture control will not be supported.

Lens Mount Nikon F
Camera Mount Sony E-mount
Construction Brass with chromium plating