GoPro HERO11 Black + GRATIS Floating Hand Grip

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GoPro HERO11 Black + GRATIS Floating Hand Grip.

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Package includes

GoPro HERO11 Black:

  • HERO11 Black camera
  • Enduro Rechargeable Battery
  • Curved adhesive mounts
  • Mounting buckle + thumb screw
  • USB-C cable

GRATIS Floating Hand Grip:

  • 1 x GoPro The Handler Floating Hand Grip
  • 1 x Mounting Hardware
  • 1 x Wrist Strap
  • 1 x The Tool

GoPro HERO11 Black

Get incredible highlight videos sent to your phone automatically.1 Everything starts with HERO11 Black—the most powerful GoPro yet. Its new image sensor captures more of the scene with higher image quality, better video stabilization and the flexibility to turn your footage into wide cinematic shots or extra-tall vertical shots for social posts. It features 5.3K video and 27MP photos, plus Emmy® Award-winning HyperSmooth 5.0 stabilization and dual LCD screens for framing your shots. After recording, charge your camera and your footage auto-uploads to the cloud and a highlight videois automatically sent to you.

Capture. Charge. Get a Highlight Video Automatically.

Simply plug in your GoPro when connected to your home Wi-Fi. While it’s charging,your footage is automatically uploaded to the cloud and used to make a highlight video complete with beat-synced music and effects. Videos are automatically sent to your phone and ready to share.

Unbelievable Image Quality

With 5.3K video that gives you 91% more resolution than 4K and an incredible 665% more than 1080p, HERO11 Black captures the action with crisp detail and cinematic image quality. A water-repelling lens cover even helps eliminate lens flare and other artifacts to make your photos and videos even more stunning.

High-Res Photos + Videos, High Frame Rate

HERO11 Black’s new image sensor boosts photo resolution up to an incredible 27MP while delivering 5.3K60 video with amazingly fluid motion. You can also grab stunning photos up to 24.7MP of favorite shots from your videos using the GoPro Quik app. Plus, record 2.7K240 video that can be played back in 8x slo-mo to catch details that can’t be seen at normal speed

Horizon Lock

Give your videos the look of professional productions by keeping the horizon steady, straight and smooth when using the Linear + Horizon Lock digital lens. HERO11 Black delivers Horizon Lock, which keeps your footage steady even if your camera rotates a full 360° during capture.2 Combined with HyperSmooth, Horizon Lock delivers super smooth footage that looks perfectly straight when you want it to. You won’t need a gimbal or stabilization software for pro-quality results

Easy or Pro Controls

HERO11 Black features two control options that let you choose from point-and-shoot simplicity or full camera control with the ability to adjust every mode and setting.The easy controls are preloaded with ultra versatile capture settings that are greatfor most shots. Just frame your shot and hit the Shutter button for amazing results.The pro controls unlock preset settings that let you choose the best settings for yourshot (Standard, Activity, Cinematic, Slo-Mo and more), plus the ability to fine-tune all modes, settings and features.

Rugged + Waterproof to 33ft (10m)

Completely waterproof and as tough as ever, HERO11 Black is versatile enough for any adventure. It’s built to take a beating and keep going, whether you’re ripping through mud, snow or water (to depths of 33ft/10m). The durable and scratch-resistant lens cover adds even more protection and can be easily replaced if needed

Customize Your GoPro with Mods

HERO11 Black mods4 let you customize your GoPro to fit your needs. Media Mod features a direction mic, a standard 3.5mm mic port for adding your own external mic, HDMI-out for playback on external monitors, plus two cold-shoe mounts for lights and LCD screens or other accessories. Want to illuminate your subject? Light Mod lets you brighten the action and illuminate your next adventure with wide, smooth, even light. Pop on Max Lens Mod to get an even wider field of view—an amazing 155 ̊.Plus upgrade to Max HyperSmooth, the ultimate in unbreakable video stabilization.

Long-lasting Enduro Battery

HERO11 Black comes with the ground-breaking Enduro battery. Using advanced technology, the 1720mAh Enduro dramatically improves camera performance in cold temperatures while also extending recording times by up to 38% in moderate temperatures over previous GoPro cameras and batteries.3 It lets you power throughski, snowboard and other winter shots at lower temperatures than ever. It also charges faster so you’ll spend less time waiting and more time chasing your adventure

Power Tools

Nail shots the easy way with Power Tools. HindSight captures up to 30 seconds of footage before you start recording—even if you press the shutter too late, you’ll still get the shot. There’s also Scheduled Capture, which lets you set your GoPro to turn itself on and capture a shot up to 24 hours in advance, and Duration Capture, which makes it easy to capture video clips from 15 seconds to 3 hours long.

Over 1 Billion Colors

HERO11 Black lets you choose between capturing 8-bit or 10-bit color. Capable of displaying over 1 billion colors, 10-bit color delivers enhanced color depth, smoother gradations and more realism in your videos.

Mounting Flexibility

Swapping mounts takes just seconds, thanks to built-in folding fingers. No frame needed—just flip them open, attach your camera and go. Better yet, every awesome accessory for HERO9 Black and HERO10 Black is compatible with HERO11 Black

Ultra Versatile 8:7 Aspect Ratio

The 8:7 aspect ratio captures more of the scene in each shot. The added height makesit perfect for creating extra-tall 9:16 vertical shots or any other size you need for any social media platform with less cropping using the GoPro Quik app or other editing software. Using the app, you can zoom in on the best sections of your videos to create high-resolution punchouts of the action while cropping out the rest. Also great for photos, this versatile format makes it easy to change the aspect ratio and make other adjustments to fine-tune your shots after you’ve taken them.

Easy Transferring + Unlimited Cloud Backup

Super easy, super fast. Transferring photos and videos from your cloud-connected camera to your phone is simple and versatile, with your choice of effortless wireless upload via the Quik app or a lightning-fast wired connection via USB.5 There’s also unlimited cloud storage with hassle-free auto upload. Just plug in your camera when connected to your home Wi-Fi and the camera does the rest. You can also use your SD card to transfer your content to a computer for backup to the cloud.

GPS Performance Stickers

Turn on this feature and get real-time animated overlays that display your speed, altitude, track position and G-forces. It’s a visual way to show off your stats and giveyour videos a professional vibe.

Front + Rear LCD Screens

Frame your shots perfectly with either the front or rear LCD screen. Use the large rear touch screen to capture the scene in front of you or turn your camera around and use the front screen for vlogging and self-capture. The front screen features smooth live preview with crisp detail, while the rear screen’s snappy touch controls make it easy to swap capture modes and adjust settings on the fly.

New Night Effects

HERO11 Black features three new Time Lapse modes that let you get creative after dark. Star Trails uses the Earth’s rotation and stars to capture beautiful light trails across the night sky. Light Painting lets you create brilliant brush stroke effects with moving light. Vehicle Light Trails uses night-time traffic to record stunning light trail footage.

GRATIS Floating Hand Grip

Get a solid grip on your GoPro

Keep your GoPro afloat better than ever before with The Handler. This floating hand grip gives you stability and control to get your shot, and the quick release base lets you switch between mounts with ease. Drop it in the water and the bright orange end of the handle pops to the surface, making it easy to spot.

Product Details

  • Includes The Handler floating hand grip and wrist strap
  • Keeps your GoPro afloat better than ever before so you can shoot in and around the water worry-free
  • Easy to switch between mounts with a quick release base
  • Makes it easy to aim your camera and capture a bunch of different angles
  • Comfortable, non-slip construction for a secure grip
  • Perfect for surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding and other water sports
  • Bright orange cap piece is easy to spot if you ever drop it in the water
  • Enables more stable footage than holding the camera by hand
  • Wrist strap lanyard included for extra security

Compatible with

HERO12 Black
HERO11 Black
HERO11 Black Mini
HERO10 Black
HERO9 Black
HERO8 Black
HERO7 Black
HERO6 Black
HERO5 Black
HERO5 Session

GoPro HERO11 Black  
Design + Dimensions  
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 71.8 W x 50.8 H x 33.6 D (mm)
Weight (Camera w/mounting fingers + Embedded Battery) 154g
Battery Removable 1720mAh Enduro Battery
Rugged + Waterproof 10m (33ft)
Built-In Folding Fingers Yes
Removable Cover Glass / Spec Removable Cover Glass
  2mm Thick Gorilla Glass
  Hydrophobic Coating
Image Quality / Hardware Spec  
System Processor GP2
Image Sensor 1/1.9" CMOS
  27.6 MP active pixels
Lens Aperture F2.5
Max Video Res 5.3K: 8:7 (5312x4648)
  5.3K: 4:3 (5312x3984)
  5.3K: 16:9 (5312x2988)
Aspect Ratio Support 16:9, 4:3, 8:7
Video Res/FPS Summary 5.3K (8:7) 30/25/24 fps
  5.3K (16:9) 60/50/30/25/24 fps
  5.3K (4:3) 30/25/24 fps
  4K (8:7) 60/50 fps
  4K (16:9) 120/100/60/50/30/25/24 fps
  4K (4:3) 60/50/30/25/24 fps
  2.7K (16:9) 240/200/120/100/60/50 fps
  2.7K (4:3) 120/100/60/50 fps
  1080p (16:9) 240/200/120/100/60/50/30/25/24 fps
Digital Lenses HyperView
  Linear + Horizon Lock / Leveling
Video File Format MP4
Codecs H.265 (HEVC)
10-bit HEVC (8:7) 5.3K30/25/24, 4K60/50
  (16:9) 5.3K60/50/30/25/24
  (16:9) 4K60/50/30/25/24
Maximum Video Bit Rate 120Mbps
Video Stabilization HyperSmooth 5.0
Horizon Lock / Leveling Lock: Linear + Horizon Lock Lens
  Leveling: In-Camera (23-27*) for 5.3K60; 4K120; 2.7K240; 1080p240
  Quik App
Zoom (Video) 2x (1080)
  1.4x (2.7K+)
Slo-Mo 8x - 2.7K; 1080p
  4x - 4K
  2x - 5.3K
Live Streaming 1080p60 w/HyperSmooth 4.0 + 1080p60 recording
Webcam Mode up to 1080p30
Video Tone Mapping (LTM) Yes
Exposure Control Yes
ISO Range - Video 100-6400
Photo Megapixels (MP) + Pixel Dims 27.13MP (5568x4872)
Photo Frame-Grabs from Video 24.69MP from (8:7) 5.3K Video
  21.16MP from (4:3) 5.3K Video
  15.87MP from (16:9) 5.3K Video
RAW Photo Capture 27.13MP (5568x4872)
Digital Lenses (single photo) Wide
Zoom (Photo) 2x
Photo Timer 3s, 10s
Photo Formats .jpg
  .gpr (RAW)
Photo Output SuperPhoto, HDR, Standard, RAW
Photo Shutter Speeds Auto, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000
Exposure Control Yes
Exposure Value (EV Comp) 2+/-
ISO Range - Photo 100-3200
Burst Photo Yes
Burst Photo / Rates (Frames / Sec) Auto, 60/10, 60/6, 30/6, 30/3, 10/3, 30/1, 10/1, 5/1, 3/1
Burst Photo Output Standard, RAW
Night Photo Yes
Night Photo Shutter Speed Auto, 30, 20, 15, 10, 5, 2 sec.
Night Photo Output Standard, RAW
Time Lapse Includes TimeWarp, Star Trails, Light Painting and more.
Audio Features 3-mics | 3.5mm Audio Mic Input with Media Mod for HERO11 Black or Pro 3.5 Mic Adapter (Sold Separately) | RAW Audio Capture (.wav Format)
Microphones 3-mics
Advanced Noise Reduction 3-mic Processing
Speaker 11x15mm
Stereo Audio Yes
RAW Audio Capture WAV Format
3.5 Audio Mic Input Media Mod (H9B/H10B/H11B)
  Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter
Hardware Features  
Built-In Mounting with Folding Fingers  
Rear Display Size 2.27" Touch LCD
Front Display Size 1.4" Color LCD
Connector USB-C
HDMI Port Media Mod (H9B/H10B/H11B)
Memory Storage / SD Cards 1 microSD™ with at least V30 or higher UHS-3 rating
LEDs 2
Recharge Time (from Zero to 100%) Approx. 3 hrs. (1A / 5W)
Fast Charging (from Zero to 80%) Approx. 2 hrs. (3A / 15W)
Operating Temperature -10º C - 35º C
Connected Features  
Uploads Automatically to the Cloud + Get a Highlight Video Automatically with GoPro Subscription | Wi-Fi + Bluetooth®
Wi-Fi Frequency 2.4GHZ; 5GHz
Wi-Fi Protocol 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth BLE 4.2
Mobile App Connection Quik App
Auto Upload to Cloud w/GoPro Subscription
User Interface  
Protune Yes
Presets / Custom Presets Yes
On-Screen Shortcuts Customizable
Languages (Camera UI) 12 Languages
Languages Available (Camera UI) EN, FR, DE, IT, SP, CN-S, CN-T, JP, KR, PT, RU, SW
Voice Control 14 Commands
  11 Languages with 6 accents
Key Accessories  
Volta, The Remote, Quik App, and over 40 other accessories
Mod Compatibility Media Mod (H9B/H10B/H11B)
  Max Lens Mod
Remote Control (BLE Devices) The Remote
  Quik App
Compatible Housing / Accessories Protective Housing (H9B/H10B/H11B)
GRATIS Floating Hand Grip  
Compatibility HERO12 Black
  HERO11 Black
  HERO11 Black Mini
  HERO10 Black
  HERO9 Black
  HERO8 Black
  HERO7 Black
  HERO6 Black
  HERO5 Black
  HERO5 Session