Bresser SS-20 Quick-Fit Softbox 80x80cm + honeycom

by Bresser
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

foldable softbox for photo shoots on location
softbox for camera flashes / included grid
easy setup / strong metal rods
softbox dimensions: 80 x 80 cm

109,50 €/825,03kn 87,60 €/660,02kn
Tečaj konverzije: 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • Softbox 80 x 80 cm
  • Ball head with flash shoe
  • Adapter ring
  • Inner diffuser
  • Diffuser cloth
  • Grid
  • Transport bag

The BRESSER SS-20 Quick-Fit Softbox is an universal softbox, which is suitable for all camera flashes. By means of an optional adapter this softbox can also be attached to a studio flash. On the back of the softbox there is an opening through which you can put the flash head.

This softbox can be folded and is easy to set up, whereby it can be mounted and removed very quickly. It takes up little space, so it's the ideal accessory to carry with.

The softboxes of BRESSER are of a very good quality. The softbox has a completely black encasement with a translucent, white cloth on the front. Since the softbox is pretty deep and the light source lies far in the back you receive a beautiful, uniform and smooth illumination. In combination with the included honeycomb grid the light can also be made harsher.

Colour black
Form Square
Total length 800 mm
Total width 800 mm
Total height 520 mm
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 1700 g
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