Bresser SS-16 Softbox 70x100cm + 1x125W daylight l

by Bresser
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

softbox for soft and even illumination of your scene
umbrella construction for fast and easy setup
125W fluorescent lamp ≙ 625W light bulb
softbox dimensions: 70 x 100 cm

650,00 kn 520,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • softbox
  • diffuser cloth
  • fluorescent lamp
  • protective cover

This is a universal continuous lighting set from BRESSER. Suitable for all kinds of purposes, mainly for the product photography or videography. Besides the softbox1 125W fluorescent lamp is included. 

The softbox has an E27 lamp fitting, but with the optional JDD-8 Lampholder/Adapter you can screw in a maximum of 4 fluorescent lamps, which are available in different wattages: 26W up to 125W. 
The colour temperature of these lamps is 5300K/5500K

Because of the umbrella construction, the softbox can be folded and set up fast. The metal rods attach to the holder and to the double-reinforced corners and provide the softbox with a taut form.

The softboxes of BRESSER are of very good quality. The softbox has a through and through black encasement with a diffuse white cloth at the front. You receive a beautiful, uniform and smooth illumination

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