Bresser LR-2000 LED Soft-Light 200W CRI 93%

by Bresser
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

Panel light for portrait/product photography & video recordings
200 W LED lamps, 5600 K color temperature, CRI index of 95
Dimmable from 10% - 100%, light flaps / honeycomb grid & diffuse filter
Spherical head and connection for optimal alignment of tripods

4.350,00 kn 3.480,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • LED lamp
  • honeycomb grid
  • power cable

BRESSER is an important player in the development of high-quality LED lighting for photo and video studios. Continuous further developments are applied in new models, such as the new LR series, which is equipped with LED SDM chips with a CRI ≥ 95%. The BRESSER LR-2000 is ideal for use in portrait and product photography as well as video recordings. The color temperature of 5600K is similar to daylight. The diffuse filter can be illuminated with a flicker effect at a short distance. Thanks to the 4 light flaps and the unique, removable honeycomb grille, the light can be bundled and aligned as required.

In addition, the BRESSER LR is distinguished by its powerful (200W) and uniform lighting over the entire range, which can be dimmed between 10% and 100% (digital display) via a handy dimmer on the back. A remote control is optionally available with up to nine lamps. On the back there is an AC socket for connection to the power supply as well as a three-pole 24V socket to connect the lamp to a battery. The solid aluminum bracket with "ball head" allows simple and precise positioning and alignment of the lamp.

For many vendors, comparing the power of an LED lamp with other lamps of the standard values 1Watt of one LED corresponds to 5Watt of a fluorescent lamp and 25Watt of a halogen lamp. Of course this is extremely relative and depends on the quality and the LED technology used. The light distribution of an LED is quite different from that of a halogen lamp and post-measurements often result in these standard values being too high. For this reason we are using a more realistic rule of thumb, namely: 1Watt of a BRESSER LED corresponds to 16W halogen. A LED lamp with 38Watt is thus comparable to a 600Watt halogen lamp. (Measured to a distance of 1 meter).

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