Bresser LG-1200 LED Video Light 72W/11800LUX

by Bresser
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

Panel light for photo and video recordings
1188 LEDs / 72 W / 7380 Lumen
Colour temperature 5500 K, with colour filter 3200 K
Dimensions: 26 x 75 cm / Illumination area: 18 x 68 cm
Panel light, filter discs, light flap attachment
High-quality semiconductor materials
Ultra bright LEDs of the latest generation
Perfect daylight spectrum
Uniform light distribution and high light output
Long lifetime

3.225,00 kn 2.580,00 kn

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LED studio lamp 72W = 1150W
diffuse filter 5500K
colour filter 3200K
mains adapter
user manual

The latest development in the illumination technology are the engery-saving, durable LED lamps of BRESSER. 1 Watt of this LED lamp is comparable with 5 Watt of a fluorescence lamp and 16 Watt of a halogen lamp. This automatically means, that the 72W LED lamp is comparable with a 1150 Watt halogen light (measured by a distance of 1 meter). 

Highly recommended for the studio and product photography as well as for the videography. The colour temperature of 5500K is similiar to the daylight. The supplied conversion filter 3200K can be utilized for film and video recordings. Thanks to the light barn doors the light can be bundled and adjusted. The U-shaped lamp bracket allows you to modify the light angle.

A big advantage of LED lamps are their low heat development which results in an average lifespan of nearly 50'000 hours. The illumination is continuous adjustable and it can be connected with the mains as well as an optional battery. Another optional accessory is a remote control which worked up to a distance of 60m.

Field of application
  • Portraiture
  • Product Photography
  • Videography
Illuminant LED
Power cord included C13/Euro
Power Illuminants 72 Watt
Luminous flux 7380 Lumen
Illuminance 11800 Lux
Lamp included
Color temperature (Kelvin) to 5500
Colour Rendering Index % 95
  • LCD Display
  • Control buttons
Total length 840 mm
Total width 58 mm
Total height 305 mm
Net weight heaviest part 5.66 kg
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