Bresser LED SH-420A Bi-Color 25W/3700LUX Slimline

by Bresser
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

LED studio lamp Slimline with 25 W and diffuse filter 5600 K
Colour temperature between 3200 K and 5500 K, long life time
Even distribution and high light output

1.725,00 kn 1.380,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • 1x LED studiolamp 25W
  • 1x power cable 12.6v / 3A
  • 1x diffuse filter 5600K
  • 1x ball joint

The BRESSER LED lamps are very well suited for portrait and product photography and video productions. The color temperature of 5500K can be compared with daylight. With the enclosed diffuser filter can also be exposed from the proximity with floodlight effect. The filter must be replaced with magnets. A big advantage of LED lamps is that they do not become warm and can therefore be used without risk for a long time. The average lamp life is 50,000 hours. The lighting intensity is steplessly adjustable and the lamp can be connected both to the mains and to the optional Lithium NP-F750 battery. On this full battery, the lamp can burn for about two hours. At the bottom of the lamp is a ball joint with which it can be placed in any desired position.

Thanks to the Bi-Color function, this lamp is suitable for photo and video recording. This allows very fast switching between the different color temperatures. The light intensity and color temperature between 3200K and 5500K are adjusted with the two buttons on the back. With these LED lamps, 1W LED is about 16W halogen. So, an LED lamp of 25 watts is comparable to a 400 watt halogen lamp. (measured at a distance of 1 meter)

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