Bresser BR-FP10 5in1 Reflector Panel 90x120cm

by Bresser
Raspoloživost: Dostupno

Reflector panel for photography
Diffusor and 4 reflective films in one
sturdy metal construction with tripod connection

675,00 kn 540,00 kn

The BRESSER BR-FP8 5 in 1 reflector panel consists of a very stable metal rod and a tripod connection on the underside. This linkage can easily be used to tension reflective cloths.

Included in the delivery are a diffusion cloth and a applicable coating with a total of four different coloured reflection surfaces - black, silver, white and gold. This makes the reflector panel very versatile and you can design the light according to the desired effect with the appropriate cloth. The tripod connection allows the reflector panel to be adapted to the lighting conditions on site and aligned accordingly.

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